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We Have a No Crash Policy! (eBook EB)

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We Have a No Crash Policy! (eBook EB)

by Adam L. Alpert

A pilot's life of adventure, fun, and learning from experience.

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The aircraft we fly and fly in are masterpieces of engineering. They have transformed what was once unimaginable into everyday experience. How is this possible? What lies beneath the global aviation system we have today, and its phenomenal safety record? We Have a No Crash Policy explains the technology and human factors in flying from the pilot’s point of view, in an understandable, humorous way.

Learning to fly is a dream for many – and is also an excellent platform for life lessons in emotional intelligence, risk management, judgment, and decision making. Through engaging stories about flight, readers will learn how interpersonal skills can be tested in the course of attempting hard things, and how a good outcome often depends on the right combination of passion, desire, and skill.

A must read for pilots, aspiring aviators, and passengers interested in the details of aircraft, aerodynamics, propulsion, weather, and what goes on in the cockpit. Readers will get the vicarious experience of flying a wide variety of aircraft while improving their knowledge of the technical aspects of flying. What does it take to fly a WWII fighter, or land without a working engine? What causes flight delays, and those scary near-misses? The answers are revealed over the course of one pilot’s story of 40 years of flying, from cardboard glider to modern jet airplane. Using teachable moments with storytelling, We Have A No Crash Policy is a practical guide to both the discipline of flying and the factors that predict safe outcomes and mission success both in life and in the cockpit.

"They say that good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. This book chronicles an evolution of a safe approach to flying. Adam has keen insights about how we learn and how to refine a sense for managing risk and smart decision-making. This book will be invaluable for pilots and non-pilots alike."
—Lt. Col. John “Wily” Rahill | F-16 instructor, ATP pilot, combat veteran, EAA Young Eagles pilot, and Skywagon driver

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ISBN 9781619548596

AuthorAdam L. Alpert
Date Published2019
Page Count368 pages
IllustrationsBlack and white with limited color
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"Adam Alpert has done a splendid job of turning many of his aviation experiences into valuable lessons for enthusiasts of all levels from students to accomplished airline pilots. His unabashed style of recounting flying (mis)adventures help the readers relate to the events as memorable stories from which to perhaps learn strategies for longevity. I often saw trouble brewing as he unfolded a story and sometimes wondered how he made it through unscathed like a cat with nine lives. "Never give up" is his mantra both in the moment and ongoing in life so buckle up and enjoy the flight to learn about his no crash policy!"

"This is a great book, easy to read stories with impactful thoughts. Alpert shares many of lessons learned during his flying experience. He has flown a wide verity of aircraft so any pilot can appreciate this book."

"This is the Marley and Me of flying books. The author starts with his early fascination with model planes and rockets and the book follows Alpert's development in life as a person and a pilot. He progresses from hang gliders to glider tow planes to WW II vintage planes. As Adam's success in business follows his flying career, he graduates to jets and helicopters. Lots of flying lessons and life lessons unfold along the journey. No crashes but lots of adventure".
—M. Naughton

"The author relates a remarkable life in general aviation, from childhood experiments to his first formal flight training, and onward through a series of ever more challenging adventures in flying. Clearly someone possessed of not just the technical acumen to be a keen observer, but also a generous lifetime ration of luck, his stories are full of the romance of flying, as well as the aviation and life lessons he gathered along the way. As a pilot, the book is great fun. Many of us will recognize ourselves at one or more points of panic, embarrassment, or even pride at a maneuver well executed. Highly recommended to those who fly, and those who wish to".
—L. Krieg

"Once in a while an author of a book on flying provides pilots some useful insights. Adam Alpert's book, We Have a No Crash Policy, did that for me and could do the same for you. As a pilot that happens to have a 'crash policy", it is refreshing to read of unforeseen situations that do not result in the inevitable. Finally the "lessons learned" at the end each chapter, is a useful bit of wisdom that demonstrates you can actually gain experience, survive and learn".

Adam, thank you for sharing your great variety of skills with me. I highly recommend this book, before you have to learn the hard way. By the way, do not panic, keep thinking and fly the plane".
—Jim Parker
60 years as a pilot, 42 years as an airshow performer and 870 airshow performances with only 4 crashes.

"An approachable, insightful book for pilots or aspiring pilots that remains entertaining throughout. I've found other piloting books to be dry and overly technical. The stories in "No Crash Policy" do not bog the reader down in detail, yet the "pilot's moral" of each story remains clear and easy to remember. This book contains a lifetime's worth of lessons in flight and should be a part of any true pilot's library".

"I am especially gratified because on the surface the reviewer appears to embrace the greater message, suggesting we are perhaps appealing to a broader audience".
—J. Ryan III

Reader Resources

Download color version of the watercolors and some of the photographs featured in this book.


Video: Author Interview

Adam Alpert sits down with WCAX Channel 3 News in Burlington, Vermont to talk about his new book.