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Virtual Test Prep® - School Helicopter

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Virtual Test Prep® - School Helicopter

by Stenbock Communications

This is a License Agreement for a multi-user environment. Video content is NOT included. Contact sales@asa2fly.com for more information on how to use and purchase this product.

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This multi-user license agreement for Virtual Test Prep® – School (ASA-VTP-SCHOOL-H) allows students, instructors, and administrators directly associated with the licensee to use Helicopter Fundamentals: Virtual Test Prep® Ground School content on more than one workstation, in a network, in a multi-user classroom environment or in an online course management system, excluding direct installs on student-owned laptops or laptops supplied to students by the school or department.

This agreement acknowledges ownership of the Virtual Test Prep course and grants permission to show the content in a multi-user environment. This agreement does not allow the content to be copied for use outside the named licensee nor in any environment not directly associated with the licensee. The files may not be published, copied, resold or used in a product which would be competing with ASA products.

Courses covered by this license agreement must be purchased separately

Helicopter Fundamentals: Virtual Test Prep® Ground School - guides viewers through the important concepts and vagaries of helicopter flight. Explanations come to life with in-flight demonstrations and the latest 3D animated graphics. Aerodynamics are covered in detail from retreating blade stall to autorotation. Cockpit point-of-view footage helps viewers experience maneuvers from the pilot’s perspective. This course works as an ideal supplement to the airplane-based Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI courses.

Course Content:

  • Basic aerodynamics
  • Helicopter systems and flight controls
  • Aerodynamics unique to helicopters
  • Performance
  • Weight and balance
  • Flight maneuvers and procedures
  • Hazards and emergency procedures
  • Federal aviation regulations



Preview of Helicopter Fundamentals

An introduction to Basic Aerodynamics.