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Virtual Test Prep® - Remote Pilot

  • Virtual Test Prep™ - Remote Pilot
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Virtual Test Prep® - Remote Pilot

by Stenbock Communications

A comprehensive video ground school to prepare you for the Remote Pilot FAA Knowledge Exam, containing a set of DVDs, a Blu-ray disc, Prepware Download and a subscription to Prepware Online.

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Remote Pilot Virtual Test Prep®—An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer. Includes Remote Pilot Prepware Download, 24-month subscription to Prepware Online, and both wide-screen DVD and high-definition Blu-ray discs so you can enjoy the videos on the player you have. English subtitles (closed captioning) available on DVDs.

Flying a drone for non-hobby operations requires a Remote Pilot certificate. You must successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Exam to earn a Remote Pilot certificate with a small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) rating. This course is your key to success.

Brilliant graphics and special effects throughout, with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage that make the Virtual Test Prep course a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience. Prepare for the FAA exam and gain the information necessary to become a safe, competent and confident drone pilot. Watch the DVDs or Blu-Ray discs to learn the subjects, then use the included Prepware software to work through the questions for a comprehensive aviation ground school. Graduation certificate available upon completion of the course.

Course contents:

  • Course lessons include Regulations, National Airspace System, Weather, Preflight Considerations, Flight Operations Test Tips, and more.
  • Nearly 5 hours of high quality widescreen standard definition and Blu-ray/high definition video presentation with interactive menus.
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Prepware activation code for comprehensive FAA Knowledge Exam study and test preparation.
  • Graduation certificate upon completion.

ISBN 9781619547469

AuthorStenbock Communications
IncludesBlu-Ray disks, DVD disks and Prepware activation code
Weight0.35 lbs
Runtime4 hours, 45 minutes
System Requirements

Internet connection required for Prepware. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems.

For Blu-ray disks—

Television Blu-ray player. (ASA recommends that the Virtual Test Prep Blu ray Discs enclosed be played on a Blu ray player connected to your TV. You may encounter problems when viewing these discs on some computer-installed Blu ray players.)

For DVDs—

Television or computer DVD player.

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With ASA's Remote Pilot Virtual Test Prep™, students can learn the material they need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam right from their TV or computer by taking advantage of these latest developments in video production education.

Virtual Test Prep™ combines high-quality standard definition Widescreen video in DVD and high definition Blu-ray format with the expertise and experience of ASA's industry-leading Test Prep Series. Using graphics, special effects, and terrific in-flight footage, our flight instructors and subject experts can help students prepare not by rote memorization, but with a true understanding and application of the knowledge needed for the test, making them better and safer pilots.

This course provides an organized, easy-to-follow curriculum for the Remote Pilot Certificate. Students watch the videos to learn the material then study the complete bank of questions with the included Prepware Software Download.

Other features of the series:

  • On-screen aviation mentors coach students with the use of top-notch instructional aids, training technologies, and real-world training tips for a dynamic learning environment.
  • Nearly 5 hours of high-quality video presentation brings students all the information they need to ace the FAA Knowledge Exam.
  • Real-world in-flight video provides focused and exciting learning.
  • Course organization makes it an easy addition to any classroom-style ground school.
  • Instantaneous control lets students navigate directly to the part of the lesson corresponding to a specific subject in the ASA Test Prep.
  • Includes Prepware Software Download with test questions, answers and explanations for true-to-form test practice.
  • English subtitles (closed captioning) available on DVDs.
  • Graduation certificate available from ASA upon completion of the course.


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