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VTP® – Private – Procedures & Airport Operations Video

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VTP® – Private – Procedures & Airport Operations Video

by Stenbock Enterprises, LLC

From the Virtual Test Prep® DVD ground school, this flight training video download covers procedures and airport operations.

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Virtual Test Prep®–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to your computer.

Gain the information you need to be a safe, competent and confident pilot with this in-depth, comprehensive ground school on Procedures and Airport Operations. Brilliant animations, 3D graphics and special effects throughout along with expert instructors and terrific inflight footage make this a thoroughly entertaining and motivating learning experience.

Video program contents: Chart Supplements U.S. (formerly A/FD), Markings, Lighting, Surface Operations, Traffic Pattern, Maneuvers, Collision Avoidance, Special VFR, Flight Physiology, Aeronautical Decision Making. Guest Speaker: Laurel Lippert. Total running time = 1 hour, 12 minutes, 50 seconds.

Watch just about anywhere! iTunes/QuickTime format, 640x480 resolution, near-DVD quality. Compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, and mp4 players (such as the iPod).

NOTE: A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended for successful downloading of these video segments. The 1.6 GB mpeg-4 file will download in under an hour with a broadband connection. Once downloaded, the file is yours to keep and view as many times as you like.

Copyright © 2020 Stenbock Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Part Number ASAVDPVT505

AuthorStenbock Communications
File Size1.6 GB mpeg-4 file


Sample Clip

Here is a sample clip from the Procedures and Airport Operations Lesson. It includes a chapter on Collision Avoidance.