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The Savvy Flight Instructor - Second Edition (eBook EB)

  • The Savvy Flight Instructor
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The Savvy Flight Instructor - Second Edition (eBook EB)

by Greg Brown

Subtitled Secrets of the Successful CFI, this book provides a wealth of information for instructors to keep students coming in and keep their training effective.

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You’ve mastered the CFI study materials, passed your toughest-ever oral exam, can write lesson plans and explain the details of a lazy eight, and can talk and fly simultaneously from the right seat. That’s all you need to know to flight instruct…or is it? This book is designed to help with all those other questions, like how to recruit new flight students and keep them flying, conduct successful intro lessons, and optimize your students’ checkride pass rates.

This new edition adds 20 years of know-how to the networking, pilot training, and customer support concepts that made the original edition required CFI reading, plus important new material you won’t want to miss. Aspiring flight instructors will learn why and how to become a CFI, and how to get hired. Readers will learn how to sell today’s pilot prospects via online marketing and social media, and how to outsell competitive activities. Seasoned flight instructors and flight school managers will learn how to systematize customer success and satisfaction, price and structure their services to fit today’s markets, and implement flight instructor professionalism. Here you’ll learn how to use your instructing activities to surpass student expectations, achieve business success, promote general aviation, and advance your personal flying career all at once.

Greg Brown’s love of flying is obvious to anyone who knows his “Flying Carpet” column in AOPA’s Flight Training magazine, or his books, such as The Turbine Pilot’s Flight Manual. A pilot since 1971 and a CFI since 1979, Greg was the 2000 National Flight Instructor of the Year, and the first-ever Master CFI.

Contributing writers are Heather Baldwin, commercial pilot and marketing writer, and CFIs Jason Blair, a designated pilot examiner, Ben Eichelberger, a flight training standardization expert, Dorothy Schick, flight school owner and marketing innovator, and Ian Twombly, noted flight-training writer and editor.

Listen to author Greg Brown and NAFI's Bob Meder discuss "Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs".

Part Number ASASFI2EB
ISBN 9781619543010

AuthorGreg Brown
Date Published2015
Page Count400 pages
IllustrationsBlack and White
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"As a manager and chief instructor of a flight school, I found The Savvy Flight Instructor to be one of the best tools around to help instructors understand the real world of flight instruction — in particular handling customer relationships and creating a professional demeanor. I now ask each instructor applicant at our school for a "book report" on this book as a part of their employment interview, and we've made it required reading for our customer service people as well. This book is an absolute gem. I wish I'd read it when I became an instructor 22 years ago."
—Nick Frisch, Galvin Flight School Manager

"I didn't think that this book could be improved but then Greg went and did it. For any CFI who is serious about earning a living instructing, this is the book you need."
—Arlynn McMahon, Tennessee

Reader Resources

This is the Reader Resource page for Greg Brown's The Savvy Flight Instructor: Secrets of the Successful CFI. You will find the Reader Resource symbol in various places throughout the book. When you come across it, refer back to this page for the resource indicated.

Opportunity Knocking: Become a Flight Instructor!
Download this brochure to share with those considering a career in flight instruction.

  • Visit Greg's web sites and blog at GregBrownFlyingCarpet.com and SavvyFlightInstructor.com.
  • Follow Greg on Facebook.
  • Join Greg's Student Pilot Pep Talk Group.
  • Watch Greg's free Webinar on CFI Professionalism with Rod Machado, David St George, and Russell Still, covering topics ranging from "How do I know when I'm ready to become a CFI?" to tips for passing the CFI checkride, to marketing your CFI services.
  • Listen to author Greg Brown and NAFI's Bob Meder discuss "Mentoring and Marketing for CFIs".

    Resources from The Savvy Flight Instructor

    Chapter 1

    —Ride along on a Flight Instructor Practical Test; download one applicant's CFI checkride experience!

    Chapter 5

    —Page 65: e-Newsletter from BrunswickAir - see the entire issue of the example provided of a great flight school.

    —Page 70: Flight Training free-student-subscription links:

    —Page 72: Greg's Marketing Resource Links:

    Chapter 6

    —Page 92: Download Ed Bryce's Learn to Fly Factsheet template.

    Chapter 9

    —Page 157: Download Greg's selected Pilot Training Tips.

    Chapter 11

    A great way for students to familiarize themselves with key FAA publications in preparation for the oral exam, is to have them identify and tab key sections of each publication so they can readily look up important information. Click image for larger view.

    —Page 180: Aircraft Renewal - About Aircraft Registration Renewal

    —Practical Test Standards (PTS) - for Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Mechanics.

    —Page 181: See 14 CFR Part 43. (Note: ASA's FAR/AIM book includes Part 43.)

    Chapter 13

    —Page 212: See this article from NATA: Are CFIs employees or independent contractors?

    —Page 213: AOPA on TSA flight training requirements: Guide to TSA's Alien Flight Training/Citizenship Validation.

    Chapter 15

    —Page 242: Download Ed Brown's Private Pilot Ground School marketing post/flyer.

    —Page 246: Download a copy of Warren Smith's flight school policies.

    Chapter 18

    —Page 276: Download Arlynn McMahon's Combined Commercial & Flight Instructor Course Syllabus.

    —Page 283: Bruce Williams' Materials

    Chapter 19

    —Page 304: Contact Stacie Fasola (stacie.fasola@roadscholar.org) to propose new aviation programs to Road Scholar, formerly Elderhostel.

    Chapter 21

    —Page 331: The Business Impact of Human Emotions by Ed O'Boyle, originally published in Argyle Journal.

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