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Teaching Flight (Softcover)

  • Teaching Flight
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Teaching Flight (Softcover)

by LeRoy Cook

Guidance for Instructors Creating Pilots

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Beginning or part-time flight instructors (CFIs) are not always fully aware of what to expect as a student pilot progresses through the flight training process. In Teaching Flight, author LeRoy Cook lends his halfcentury of experience as a guide to motivate, inspire, and mentor new instructors.

Though airplane and cockpit technology has changed over time, the basics of flying remain and must be mastered all the same. To make the process less daunting for both student and instructor, Cook organizes training into four phases and advises how to work through each one: solo flight; dual and solo cross-country; passing the knowledge exam; and passing the checkride. With the goal of creating a new aviator, Cook’s lessons take flight training beyond the mandated curriculum to give instructors the tools to provide pilots practical flying know-how.

Flight instructors following his steps will find a mentor in LeRoy Cook, while taking their students from first flight through certification. Teaching Flight offers a plethora of ideas for instructors to keep their students inspired, encouraged, confident, and competent on their road to earning a certificate and rating.

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ISBN 9781619548497

Authorsby LeRoy Cook
Date Published2019
Dimensions6 x 9 inches
Page Count168 pages
Weight0.60 lb
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