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Remote Pilot eKit

  • Remote Pilot eKit
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Remote Pilot eKit

This UAS eKit will prepare you for the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge exam. Includes: Remote Pilot Test Prep (eBook), FAR/AIM (eBook), Remote Pilot ACS (eBook), The Complete Remote Pilot Textbook (eBook), more than 5 hours of video instruction, and 5 free practice tests at Prepware.com!

  • The Complete Remote Pilot (eBook PD)
  • 2022 FAR/AIM (eBook PD)
  • Test Prep 2022: Remote Pilot (eBook PD)
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Introduction Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Regulations Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – National Airspace System Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Weather Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Preflight Considerations Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Flight Operations Video
  • VTP® – Remote Pilot – Test Tips Video
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This eKit is a combination of eBooks, videos, online software, and FAA reference documents to help educate and prepare applicants for the Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems FAA Knowledge Exam and Remote Pilot Certification. Whether you are an experienced drone operator or just a beginner, it is extremely important that you learn and understand all aspects of flying in the National Airspace System. As a remote pilot, you will be sharing the skies with manned aircraft as well as the pilots and passengers in them so it is mission critical for all pilots to understand the rules which govern everyone.

With this course, you will learn the rules and regulations pertaining to commercial drone operations as well as in depth knowledge of aeronautical charts, weather and weather reporting systems so that you know when and where you can operate safely and effectively.

ASA has been providing aviation training to pilots, flight instructors, aviation maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, career aviators, and students for more than 75 years. We are excited to offer our expertise to those seeking remote pilot certification with this Remote Pilot eKit.

  • Test Prep: Remote Pilot (eBook PD)
  • FAR/AIM (eBook PD)
  • The Complete Remote Pilot (eBook PD) (PDF)
  • Airman Certification Standards: Remote Pilot (PDF)
  • Prepware Practice Tests (Online)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot – Introduction (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot - Regulations (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot - National Airspace System (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot – Weather (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot – Preflight Considerations (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot – Flight Operations (Video)
  • VTP™ – Remote Pilot – Test Tips (Video)
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    "Not being a good test taker and not knowing anything about piloting an unmanned aircraft, I invested in the eKit provided by Asa2Fly. After studying for 2 weeks, I passed my exam on the first try with a 90%! If you are wondering if the money is worth it, I can also say, Yes! I am living proof that their study guide works. It was the best money ever spent. And it's tax deductible once you start flying your drone commercially. Thanks guys!"
    — Paul Argyropoulos