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ROTAX 912 Engine Introduction

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ROTAX 912 Engine Introduction

Second Edition Paul Hamilton

This DVD provides an introduction to the maintenance and upkeep of the ROTAX 912 Engine, and offers tips and techniques for trouble-free operation.

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ROTAX 912 Basic Operation and Maintenance for Pilots and Mechanics

This DVD by Paul Hamilton provides tips and techniques for trouble-free operation of a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a ROTAX 912 engine and provides an introduction to important aspects of maintaining the 912 and 912S. Based on years of operational and maintenance experience, industry-recognized experts Phil Lockwood and Dean Vogel outline typical procedures every owner, operator and mechanic should know.

Learn about vital engine fluids, selecting fuel and proper filters, coolant options, cold weather operations, as well as how and when to check and change the oil. Gain insight on cold weather operations and dual carburetor synchronization for avoiding engine clattering, prolonging engine life, and reducing maintenance costs. This new edition also addresses an oil pressure sensor update, best types of oil to use, frequency of oil changes, tips on finding updated Rotax information, automobile gas and avgas options, and extended TBO (time before overhaul) information.

If you fly, operate, or work on a ROTAX 912 engine, this DVD is a must have to ensure proper maintenance and safe operation. Approximate running time 68 minutes, plus 28 minutes of extras.

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Part Number ASAF2FROTAX2
ISBN 9781619540354

AuthorPaul Hamilton
Runtime1 hour 36 minutes
Weight0.25 lbs


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