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Prepware Practice Tests

  • Prepware Practice Tests
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Prepware Practice Tests

Practice taking tests at Prepware.com before going to the computer testing center, with ASA's dedicated website for test-practice. Gain confidence, get your instructor sign-off and save money on test re-takes.

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Practice test-taking online from ASA in an environment replicating the CATS testing center. Obtain your endorsement, and gain the confidence you need to head to the testing center--all from the convenience of your computer, internet connected smart phone or tablet.

Prepware Practice Tests contain 5 practice tests. All aircraft category and test types are available. Choose from: Remote, Sport, Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor, Fundamentals of Instructing, ATP and Flight Engineer, General, Airframe, Powerplant, Inspection Authorization, or Military Competency.

Complete two practice tests with scores of 80% or better, and request your test sign-off (endorsement) from ASA, or print your results to show your flight or ground instructor for their endorsement. Aviation Maintenance Technician applicants can use the Certificate of Completion to seek an endorsement from their local FSDO.

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EditionVersion 2.0
System RequirementsComputer, laptop, tablet, or phone with internet connection.

"I recently passed my private pilot written with flying colors, thanks to Test Prep!"
—Marinus Kuyl

"I took the FAA Knowledge Test yesterday and got an 88%. I am very happy I used your program to prepare for the test.The 5 practice tests provided me information on my weakness areas and boosted my confidence. Thanks".
—James R. Brown

"Thanks. Your ASA course got me nicely through my commercial glider written (93%) and provided a solid background for the 3 hour oral which followed a few weeks later."
—Richard Weil


Prepware Practice Test features include:

  • Realistic test simulation: the actual FAA questions, number of questions, and time allowed for your certificate or rating.
  • Performance graphs let you hone your studies: Review explanations and answers for the entire test and see your grade for each subject.
  • Get your sign-off: Email your results to ASA to receive your sign-off and graduation certificate, or print results for your flight/ground instructor to endorse. Either way you have everything you need to schedule your exam with the testing center.
  • Gain the confidence you need, and save yourself the hassle and expense of retaking exams at the testing center.
  • You can take 5 practice tests. Submit 2 of the 5 practice tests with scores 80% or better to receive your sign-off (AMT applicants taking the General, Airframe, or Powerplant tests will receive a frameable certificate of completion).


Prepware: 5 Test Activation

A short tutorial on how to activate and begin taking your 5 practice tests.

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