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Pilot's Manual: Flight Instructor Syllabus (PDF)

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Pilot's Manual: Flight Instructor Syllabus (PDF)

A flight and ground training course for the Flight Instructor certificate, based on The Pilot's Manual: Flight School, and the Pilot's Manual: Ground School.
Meets FAA Part 61 and 141 requirements.

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The flight instructor certificate is made up of two requirements: aeronautical knowledge and flight training. This syllabus is written to satisfy the requirements of both 14 CFR Parts 141 and 61. The syllabus consists of 4 stages containing multiple modules; each stage is designed to meet a particular requirement of training as outlined in Parts 141 and 61. The applicant will begin training in Stage 1, learning about the role of the flight instructor and the fundamentals of instructing. In Stages 2 and 3, the applicant is required to present a ground training or preflight training lesson plan. Stage 4 consists of an end-of-course check, or practice practical test, which is used to determine if the student has achieved the necessary training level that meets the standards required of a flight instructor.

To assist in the development of these lesson plans, references are given for each module that directly correspond to the module’s content. It is recommended that students use all available resources, including those above and beyond what is listed for the lesson plan. Each module assignment should be completed prior to moving on to the next module.

The syllabus offers the most integrated, comprehensive, and simple flight and ground training program available along with many features:

  • Based on The Pilot's Manual Series. Schools, instructors, or students can choose to supplement the program with other text, videos, etc. This allows freedom to teach or learn the material in the most effective way — on an individual basis.
  • All Part 141 requirements have been met in a logical and user-friendly manner, yet the course is equally effective for Part 61 operations and freelance instructors.
  • Flight lessons are presented side-by-side with their coordinating ground lessons. This integrated approach provides the most efficient path to completion, and is easier to follow than separate ground and flight training programs.
  • Flexible enough to be effective for all programs. Includes "Optional Reviews" in each stage, allowing the student to review material when necessary, yet still follow the syllabus and maintain progress.
  • Includes instructor endorsements, stage exams, airman certificate rating application, and checkride checklist.

Textbooks and materials referenced in this syllabus include:

Additional syllabi available in The Pilot's Manual Series:

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