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MTSU AERO 4210 - Flight Instructor Fundamentals

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MTSU AERO 4210 - Flight Instructor Fundamentals

First Edition   by Dr. Paul Craig

This eBook contains all the in-class material that will be used during the Middle Tennessee State University AERO 4210 course led by Dr. Paul A. Craig.

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This eBook contains all the in-class material that will be used during the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Flight Instructor Fundamentals course AERO 4210, which provides instruction and coursework leading to the Flight Instructor – Airplane Practical Test.

Students should use their personal electronic devices to view the content both in class, and for study and review later. The eBook is presented in four units that coincide with the course: Airspace, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems and Flight Instructor Responsibilities. The knowledge base required of a flight instructor is so vast that a college course cannot cover every aspect, yet flight instructors must be at their best when teaching the most difficult subjects; therefore, the material in the class is strategically presented to address these four overall topics that historically have been the most difficult for pilots in training.

Students in the AERO 4210 course must be Commercial Pilots at the beginning of the class or shortly thereafter. This Flight Instructor Fundamentals course has also been accepted for credit toward the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate.

This PDF eBook contains 156 pages with full color illustrations throughout.

Dr. Paul Craig produced this book in its entirety and takes full responsibility for the content.

Part Number MTSU4210PD
ISBN 9781631340017

AuthorDr. Paul Craig
Page Count156 pages
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