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Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly - Third Edition (eBook EB)

  • Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly - Third Edition (eBook EB)
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Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly - Third Edition (eBook EB)

by Arlynn McMahon

Provides lesson plans for flight instructors and CFI applicants.

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Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly presents lesson plans for flight instructors in the form of scenario-based maneuver briefings. A rich resource for active instructors, these lesson plans are also helpful to CFI applicants preparing their own materials. This book can be used as a companion book for flight instructors who are following the principles of scenario-based training taught in Arlynn McMahon’s first book, Train Like You Fly: A Flight Instructor’s Guide to Scenario-Based Training.

This book is designed to complement any syllabus and FAA testing standards (ACS/PTS) by explaining how to teach each maneuver, making the flight instructor’s favorite curriculum even more effective and enjoyable for clients. Each maneuver briefing features a series of drawings instructors can discuss with their clients or replicate in the classroom and an accompanying script to teach from, which includes a story or motivation on why and how the maneuver is applied in actual flight. Common errors are discussed in the form of keys to success, to positively inspire clients to become sound aviation citizens.

In addition to the lesson plans, the book includes templates, checklists, and student assignments to build proper flight preparation habits and help determine the student’s readiness to act as pilot-in-command. These tools are especially helpful to the flight instructor ahead of the major flight training milestones, such as first solo, solo cross-country, and the checkride.

"When the student understands meaning before tackling detail, they learn more quickly and more completely. Arlynn seamlessly combines the 'why' with the 'how' of learning maneuvers...[and] provides the instructor with more tools for their teaching bag-of-tricks." —From the Foreword, by Frank Ayers, Ed.D. Executive Vice President, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Flight instructor extraordinaire and flight school owner/ operator Arlynn McMahon has helped more than 1,000 students and CFIs fulfill their dreams of flight since 1984. She is a nationally recognized, professional aviation educator and leader in the field. Arlynn McMahon is also author of Train Like You Fly and The Flight Instructor's Survivial Guide.

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ISBN 9781644250907

AuthorArlynn McMahon
Date Published2021
Page Count224 pages
IllustrationsBlack and White
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"I am going to adopt this as a required text for my CFI ground school class and it will also be used by our Chief of Standardization and Evaluation. One of the more difficult things for students to do is put together a book of lesson plans that both the instructor (and the student) can use to prepare/teach from during a lesson pre-brief. These examples serve as an excellent springboard in preparing scenario-based lesson plans. The flow is logical and the use of drawings reintroduces a lost art in flight instruction.”
—Kurt Reesman, Liberty University

"Too few books speak directly to the CFI, and even fewer do it well. When an outstanding book makes an appearance, it's a noteworthy event. That's why you'll want to take a look at Arlynn McMahon's newest book, Lesson Plans.I was immediately impressed with the way the textual information was presented and the easy-to-understand graphics that support each maneuver. This is exactly the kind of book that helps flight instructors teach maneuvers more effectively. In fact, you can sit next to your student, point to the graphics in the book, and get down to business teaching without having to work on a white or black board (especially if the only art skill you have is cave painting). If you're an up-and-coming flight instructor, these graphics will certainly help you make a more effective presentation. You'll also find useful stories and scripts to help support the scenario-based theme of flight training.Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll definitely find McMahon's book an effective tool to help you do your job. This is a must-have for any flight instructor's bookshelf."
—Rod Machado, (Excerpted from "The CFI Bookshelf," AOPA Flight Training Magazine, November 2011, page 51.

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