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Global Navigation for Pilots - Third Edition (eBook PD)

  • Global Navigation for Pilots (eBook PD)
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Global Navigation for Pilots - Third Edition (eBook PD)

International Flight Techniques and Procedures

Third Edition    by Dale DeRemer and Gary M. Ullrich

Long-range navigation techniques and procedures, international flight planning, systems, regulations, trans-oceanic navigation and European flight planning.

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Flight accomplished over longer distances and across international borders takes special knowledge; this book is for pilots who want to know more about both the planning and execution of international flights, from the basic knowledge of air navigation expected of an instrument-rated private pilot, and onward. This Third Edition of Global Navigation for Pilots: International Flight Techniques and Procedures is written and updated by Dale DeRemer, Ph.D. and Gary M. Ullrich, and serves as the continuation of what has been the definitive textbook on long-distance, trans-oceanic flight navigation and operations since 1993.

This book covers long-range navigation techniques and procedures, and international flight planning, systems, and regulations; also trans-oceanic navigation and European flight planning. Some topics include GPS, RVSM airspace, featureless terrain navigation, celestial concepts important to pilots, ICAO aircraft registry information, and how to get your flight department ready to fly internationally. Study questions or classroom exercises included with most chapters. Fully illustrated; includes industry-acronym glossary and index.

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Part Number ASAGNP3PD
ISBN 9781619548923

AuthorsDale DeRemer and Donald McLean
EditionThird Edition
Date Published2020
Page Count464 pages
IllustrationsColor tables and illustrations throughout
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Reader Resources

Resources from Global Navigation for Pilots, Third Edition

Below are various extra resources to be used along with the textbook, listed by the chapter they align with, topic-wise (where applicable). Some are downloadable PDF documents, others are links to new and updated information related to international navigation and flight operations discussed in this book by Dale De Remer and Gary Ullrich.

Chapters 6–8, and 18
– Ops Group website, example of their Daily Brief.
– NAT (North Atlantic Track) Operations News from NBAA.

Chapter 7
Help Document for the math problems shown in Figure 7-3.

Chapter 8
User-Generated Engine Failure Procedural List for ETOPS-Regulated Multi-Engine Aircraft.
– ICAO's NAT Ops Bulletin, July 9, 2019.

Chapter 12
"China completes core of Beidou global satellite navigation system" by Stephen Clark, Dec. 19, 2019.
– FAA's guide to GPS or WAAS-enabled approaches at an airport where you fly, and more.

Chapter 13
– Document from OpsGroup, "CPDLC and ADS-C Mandate for the NAT", an update regarding "Phase 2C" of ICAO's
   North Atlantic Datalink Mandate, which came into effect on 30 Jan 2020.
– European ADS-B mandate postponed for most aircraft until June 2023. Learn More Here

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