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FAA Testing Supplement: Inspection Authorization

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FAA Testing Supplement: Inspection Authorization

This is the same book issued during the FAA Knowledge Exams at the computer testing centers.

Note: If you have the IA-8 you do not need to order this item separately.*

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The FAA Computer Testing Supplement for Inspection Authorization (FAA-CT-8080-8D) is a loose-leaf notebook with excerpts from the pertinent regulations (14 CFRs), Airworthiness Directives, charts and tables, all the sample Type Certificate Data Sheets used in the IA test, and the FAA forms with which IA candidates must be familiar. This is the exact book the computer testing centers will issue to applicants taking the IA test.

*You do not need to order this CT-8080-8D testing supplement if already purchasing the IA-8 ("Inspection Authorization Test Prep" by Dale Crane); the IA-8 contains reprints of the testing supplement materials necessary to study for the IA Knowledge Exam (except the figures from AC43-13.1 and 2).

Part Number ASACT80808D
ISBN 9781644250501

Date Published2008
Dimensions3" letter-size binder
Page Count674 pages
Weight6.45 lbs

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