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An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane (Softcover)

  • An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane
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An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane (Softcover)

by Jason Blair

Practical insights for successful aircraft ownership.

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In An Aviator’s Field Guide to Owning an Airplane, author Jason Blair shares the knowledge and tips he’s gained from his many years owning aircraft and assisting numerous customers buy, sell, manage, and maintain their own airplanes. This book incorporates Blair’s many years of industry experience as an aircraft owner, active pilot, instructor, and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner to cover the practical details of ownership and offer tips to maximize your use and enjoyment of your aircraft.

You’ll discover how to determine the full cost of aircraft ownership, select insurance, consider tax implications, pick an airport to call home, assess and choose aircraft storage, safely move your airplane, manage maintenance work, find and organize important documents, manage and determine the significance of inoperative equipment, evaluate potential modifications for improved performance, upgrade avionics, overhaul or swap an engine, budget for future maintenance, and more. Blair’s goal is to help you protect and properly maintain your aircraft so you can get the best use and enjoyment out of aircraft ownership.

Part Number ASAAVOWN
ISBN 9781619548459

AuthorsJason Blair
Date Published2020
Page Count216
Dimensions5.25 x 8.25 inches
Weight0.50 lbs
Reader Resources

Resources from An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane

This is the Reader Resource page for Jason Blair's An Aviator's Field Guide to Owning an Airplane. You will find the Reader Resource references throughout the book. When you come across them, refer back to this page for the resource indicated.


Personal Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator
To get a clear idea of what it really costs to own a specific aircraft, you can use my basic personal aircraft operating cost calculator to compare characteristics and considerations associated with both fixed and variable costs of aircraft ownership, maintenance, and operation.

Aircraft Insurance

To learn more about a few of the common reasons that insurance claims don't get paid, check out the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) article, "5 Reasons Your Aviation Insurance Claim Could be Denied."

Aircraft Valuation

VREF Aircraft Value Reference is generally considered a good benchmark for many general aviation aircraft. VREF Publishing is a commercially available service that serves much like a "blue book" for aircraft.

Aircraft Appraisal

You can find a certified appraiser through the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization, LLC (PAAO).

Aircraft Documents

Aircraft Registration
Information about the FAA aircraft registration process and requirements.

Radio Station Certificate
Pilots who operate internationally are required to hold a restricted radiotelephone operator permit issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the aircraft is required to have a radio station license. Visit the FCC's website for more information about this requirement and details on how you can apply for this license for your aircraft.

Aircraft, Engine, and Propeller Service and Parts Manuals
Reprinters such as Essco or Pilot Mall offer these documents for sale for many aircraft.

Airworthiness Directives (ADs)
The FAA makes all ADs publicly available on its website.

Aircraft Records History
Major changes made to an aircraft should be documented with the FAA. For a small fee, the FAA will provide copies of records for a specific aircraft. You can find more information and submit a request on the FAA's Aircraft Certification: Request Copies of Aircraft Records" webpage.

Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

The FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) offers a publication titled "Maintenance Aspects of Owning Your Own Aircraft."

Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance
This book by Mike Busch, A&P/IA, is a recommended book for all aircraft owners to help them determine the best approach to maintenance on their own aircraft. It explains Mike's minimalist maintenance philosophy for general aviation aircraft flown by owners.

The Savvy Aviator #4: Debunking TBO
This article by Mike Busch's on AVweb, focuses on the myth of the "required" TBO of an aircraft engine. In this article, he lays out the statistical, data-based case for the reality of the safety of operation of an aircraft beyond a manufacturer's recommended TBO when the aircraft is being properly maintained.

Owner-Approved Maintenance
A detailed list of what you can do as an FAA-certificated pilot and/or owner of an aircraft can be found in 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix A (c).

VOR Checks
ASA's Learn to Fly blog article, "CFI Brief: Checking the accuracy of your VOR provides details about how to conduct VOR checks.


Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMEL)
On the FAA's webpage Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) by Manufacturer you will find drop-down lists of the aircraft makes and models that have MMELs published and listed with the FAA.

Special FLight Permits
Information about the FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate—Special Flight Permit program can be found in the Airworthiness Certification section of the FAA's website.

Prevailing Winds
To research the prevailing winds at your airport.

Q-tip Propellers

The benefits of Q-tip propellers are summarized in the AOPA article, What it Looks Like When an Airplane Has a Q-Tip Propeller by Mark Twombly.

More about Jason Blair and his books at AnAviatorsFieldGuide.com

More about Jason Blair and his industry involvement at JasonBlair.net