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An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane (eBook PD)

  • An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane (eBook PD)
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An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane (eBook PD)

by Jason Blair

Practical insights for purchasing a personal aircraft.

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In An Aviator’s Field Guide to Buying an Airplane, author Jason Blair shares his knowledge and experience gained from purchasing his own aircraft as well as helping numerous customers find, evaluate, and buy the right aircraft for their needs. Blair’s many years of industry experience as an aircraft owner, active pilot, instructor, and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner has provided him with specific expertise and insight that he is now sharing with aspiring aircraft owners in this book.

You’ll learn how to assess if aircraft ownership is right for your situation, determine the full costs of owning and operating an airplane, select the right make and model for your needs, consider factors such as avionics and aircraft age, evaluate an aircraft prior to purchase, negotiate the sale, find financing and insurance, complete paperwork, and get your new aircraft safely home. Focusing on realistic and practical considerations, Blair’s goal is to help you successfully navigate the process of purchasing an airplane so you can discover and enjoy the many benefits aircraft ownership provides.

ISBN 9781619548442

AuthorsJason Blair
Date Published2020
Page Count160
Reader Resources

Resources from An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane

This is the Reader Resource page for Jason Blair's An Aviator's Field Guide to Buying an Airplane. You will find the Reader Resource references throughout the book. When you come across them, refer back to this page for the resource indicated.

Aircraft Listing Websites

Partnerships (Shared Aircraft Ownership)

A good source of information on aircraft partnerships is the AOPA article Pilot's Guide to Co-Ownership.

Ownership Costs

Personal Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator
To assist in fully considering expenses, you can use this basic personal aircraft operating cost calculator to compare characteristics and considerations associated with both fixed and variable costs of aircraft ownership, maintenance, and operation.

You can use the loan calculator tool available from Bankrate to obtain an estimated bank loan cost.

Aircraft Type Clubs
The Experimental Aircraft Associations list of aircraft type clubs.

Purchase Process and Evaluating Aircraft

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
A fantastic set of resources is available at AOPA's website, including information and links to needed forms, to help you understand and navigate the purchase process. See "Buying an Aircraft: Resources to Help With the Aircraft Purchase Process".

Aircraft Valuation
VREF Aircraft Value Reference is generally considered a good benchmark for many general aviation aircraft. VREF Publishing is a commercially available service that serves much like a "blue book" for aircraft.

Researching Aircraft History
Search the NTSB accident database. Make sure to check if there have been any N-number changes in the aircraft's history. If so, check accident or incident records on all the N-numbers that have been associated with the aircraft.

Purchasing an Aircraft Located Outside the United States
If you are considering purchasing an aircraft located outside of the country, first read the AvBuyer's article, "Exporting or Importing Aircraft?"

Experimental Aircraft

Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs)
Find out more information about this program and how to find a DAR. DARs are private individuals who act as representatives of the FAA and who work with owners to inspect aircraft after completed builds.

A publication that focuses on owners and operators of homebuilt aircraft. This is a great resource worth reading for anyone considering a purchase of a used experimental or homebuilt aircraft. See this article "Buying a Used Homebuilt"

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
A great resource for aircraft owners and builders and offers a great fly-in convention/conference every year (AirVenture).

More about Jason Blair and his books at AnAviatorsFieldGuide.com

More about Jason Blair and his industry involvement at JasonBlair.net