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Airport Management (Hardcover)

  • Airport Management
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Airport Management (Hardcover)

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Airport Management is an up-to-date and industry-relevant textbook providing useful insight into all aspects of airports. With more than a decade of experience as an airport administrator, author Dr. Daniel Prather, A.A.E., CAM, provides a valuable, real-world perspective with an emphasis on the practical application required for the successful management and operation of airports.

This comprehensive resource covers:

  • history of airports and the airline industry
  • airport structure and ownership
  • air traffic, capacity, and delay—and techniques to manage demand
  • airport planning and the role of aviation activity forecasts
  • design an construction
  • environmental impacts and regulatory compliance
  • airport operations and maintenance, with a focus on 14 CFR Part 139
  • safety and security
  • marketing
  • governmental, legal, and public relations
  • properties, contracts, and commercial development
  • financial management, capital development funding, and the economic impact of airports
  • future challenges and opportunities for airports

Written in an easy-to-read format with illustrations throughout, each chapter contains objectives, key terms, features, questions for review and discussion, and suggested resources for further study. Airport Management provides a comprehensive introduction to this career as well as useful scenarios and case studies to equip airport professionals with the essential knowledge and tools to solve contemporary issues faced on the job.

Dr. Prather is the designated Airport Certified Employee (ACE)—Operations trainer for the American Association of Airport Executives, having trained airport professionals nationwide in Part 139 airport certification. His leadership courses have been presented to audiences nationwide throughout the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the Helicopter Association International (HAI).

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ISBN 9781619542099

AuthorDr. Daniel Prather
Date Published2015
Dimensions8.25 x 10.75 inches (Hardcover)
Page Count656 pages (print edition)
IllustrationsColor throughout
Weight4.75 lbs
Reader Resources

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Safety Video Series highlights important safety issues, new technologies, and changes to safety-related guidance and policy. Visit www.faa.gov/airports/safety-video-series/ to view the videos and sign up to receive email alerts when the FAA releases new videos in the series.

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"It is indeed a pleasure for me to endorse and recommend Airport Management by Dr. C. Daniel Prather, PhD., A.A.E., CAM. I have known Dr. Prather since his early years in the airport management industry when he worked for me at Tampa International Airport, and have followed his career with pride. This textbook is a comprehensive and authoritative body of work which touches all the key bases needed for a student to gain a detailed and broad based knowledge and appreciation of the skill sets necessary to operate and manage an airport in today’s complex and ever-changing world."
—Edward B. Cooley, III A.A.E.
Vice President of Operations (Ret.), Tampa International Airport

"Dr. Daniel Prather's Airport Management is a foundational book for anyone seeking to understand the dynamic and complex world of airports. Airport staff are expected at a minimum to have a basic knowledge about a multitude of subject areas and preferably an in-depth understanding of the complex consequences of their decisions within these subject areas. This seminal airport management book provides readers basic information, practical examples and in-depth case studies, thus enabling readers to learn about airport basics as well as to comprehend the daunting task of managing an airport. As an aviation professional, I strongly endorse this book."
—Robin Gardner, MPA, CM, ACE
Airport Operations Supervisor, Midway International Airport, Chicago, IL

"Airport Management will highly benefit the professionals within the industry. It is very important to learn Airport Management from a hands-on point of view which is the essence of this book written by a colleague whom I respect and had the pleasure to work with. Dr. Prather is an experienced professional who is providing the industry with practical insight."
—Marilyn Gauthier
General Aviation Operations Manager, Tampa International Airport

"Airport Management 1st edition is the most comprehensive and practical guide to airport management available in the industry today. With his extensive industry experience and background as a collegiate educator, Dr. Prather has established himself as a leading authority on airport management. The book cleverly introduces readers to the subject matter through well organized and structured chapters that are easily digestible. This book will provide students and young professionals with a solid foundation of knowledge and the confidence necessary to begin a career in the field of airport management."
—Brett Fay, C.M.
Operations Manager, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

"A very comprehensive book that covers the many aspects of airport management formulated from a base of real world experience. The format and content contain valuable information that not only serve as a resource in the classroom, but one that would later reside as a reference tool. "
—John Black
Executive Director, Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport (TN)

"Airport Management by Dr. Daniel Prather is the best resource on Airport Management I have ever had the privilege of reading. This book provides a wealth of knowledge on airport and aviation management concepts and is not only a great resource for those wanting to learn more about the industry or taking a college course, but will also serve those airport and aviation professionals currently in the industry wanting to refresh their knowledge."
—Kevin Miller, MBA, C.M., ACE
Business and Marketing Coordinator, Boca Raton Airport Authority