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AirClassics™ HS-1A Headset

  • AirClassics HS-1A Headset
  • AirClassics HS-1A Headset Packaging
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AirClassics™ HS-1A Headset

Flex Boom Mic!

Communicate with advanced technology, maximum comfort, sleek look, and a Lifetime Warranty — all for a reasonable price!

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Now with New Flex Boom Microphone!

Good communications are essential for a successful flight. ASA provides this in the HS-1A with the most advanced technology, maximum comfort, high-quality components, and sleek look — all for a reasonable price!

Designed, engineered, and manufactured by experts in the headset business, ASA is so confident in the quality, the HS-1A is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner.

Protect your hearing, don’t miss any radio calls, and be certain your transmissions are heard with this feature-rich, value-priced headset.

HS-1A Features

  • Earcups of high-density acoustic foam for best passive noise attenuation
  • Has noise reduction rating (NRR) 23 dB
  • High fidelity speakers for clear, natural sound
  • Electret, noise-canceling flex-boom microphone reduces background noise and allows clearest voice transmission
  • Gold-plated microphone and headphone plugs ensure best connection and resist corrosion
  • High-grade, multi-strand wire improves cable life
  • Stereo/mono capability
  • Large, dual controls for quick, easy volume adjustment of each ear
  • Microphone muff
  • Adjustable headband with easy thumb screws eliminates "hot spots" and accommodates eyeglasses and any head size
  • Quality foam ear seals and light weight add to overall comfort
  • Sleek, all-black design with ASA silver wings tastefully silk-screened on each earcup
  • Sturdy and reliable — yet reasonably priced for maximum value
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Korea

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Part Number ASAHS1A

Weight1.60 lbs
DownloadHS-1A Specifications

"If you are a GA pilot on a budget you simply can't beat the value of this headset. I purchased it a year ago and have had no problems whatsoever. Nothing against the folks that make the 500 or 1000 dollar headsets, but if you are like me, a two or three times a month flier just for the fun of it, you will not be disappointed. I also purchased the ASA headset bag for somewhere around 15 dollars and it does a good job of protecting it when not in use. The bottom line is for 150.00 dollars you will be surprised at how well this headset performs".
—Kevin Hoffman

"Love this set - beats all I've tried in same genre. Despite low price the overall quality is good. The warranty is superb! I lost the volume in one of my speakers - returned the set to be 'fixed' and was sent a brand new headset - turn around time was < 1 week. Will continue to buy these for the light flying that I do. Can't beat warranty and service!"
—Bill Brendel, TX

"...the headset; it's brilliant itself but a couple of years ago I exchanged the standard ear seals. Since then I'm using the gel seals and I have to say it makes the headset even better! Better comfort in wearing it and it also reduces the environmental noise a lot better".
—Victoria K.

"What a product. What a company! As a thirty year instructor, and owner of a flight training academy, I cannot recommend this product more highly. For the first time in over a decade, we had an issue with an ASA headset. Within a week of sending back, we had received a replacement with no questions asked. Forget the premium associated with those other manufacturers...ASA's headsets deliver the same performance with an honest, no nonsense lifetime guaranty. It is the only headset I recommend".
—Cary, Palatka, FL

"I just received what I believe is my 3rd replacement set in over 15 years in less than a week turn around with no questions asked. I bought 2 of the Classic Headsets back then for personal use and to have an extra to fly CAP Cadets and friends. ASA has each time replaced them when they wore out !! They are rugged comfortable and most of all reliable !! I own an expensive brand headset but the ASA are always ready to go without batteries. Great Product !! Thanks again".

"I just wanted to pass along a very good experience with an aviation vendor. Over ten years ago I bought 2 ASA HS-1 headsets with a lifetime warranty. I have used them ever since. They are not fancy, but they have good passive noise reduction and are mono/stereo and have worked well. The ear covers were foam filled and had become stiff and uncomfortable and the outer insulation on the wiring was brittle and cracked, so I decided to check out their lifetime warranty to see what was covered. I emailed them my question and the same day I received a reply from customer service telling me to send them back and they would replace them.

I sent them back USPS priority mail and about ten days later I received 2 brand new headsets. They didn't repair my old ones, they sent the latest model that has replaced my original ones. No postage, no hassle. I am so impressed, I just had to pass the word along. If you have occasion to do business with them, I'm sure you will be happy with the products and service".
—Bob Womack

"I love my HS-1! Great headset for the money. Very comfortable, good value for the new pilot or the seasoned one".
—Scott Gribble, Gig Harbor, WA

"This is one of the toughest headsets around. In March 1997, the home my flight instructor, another flying student and I were living in was struck by a tornado. Luckily, none of us were home at the time. My ASA headset was later found on the ground a couple of blocks away—in the rain and missing an ear seal! In the meantime, I had already purchased a Telex 5000E headset to replace my ASA HS-1. But after replacing the HS-1's ear seals with gels, I found them more comfortable and better sounding than the Telex AND the David Clark I had recently borrowed. It's been 10 years since I went to the FBO and bought the cheapest headset I could find (my ASA HS-1). I never expected I'd still be using them today. I may never need another headset".
—Ben Williams, Arkadelphia, Arkansas

"I needed a headset (after breaking my friends very expensive headset) for a ferry flight and came across these at Boeing Field. I used them for my flight from there through the Aleutian Islands and onto Japan. I found them very comfortable for the entire journey, including the ten and twelve hour legs. My friend thought I might find them heavy but I did not notice that at all. They sealed around my ears easily and I appreciated being able to adjust the volume with the knobs on the ear cups, so we both could have volumes we were comfortable with during the flight.

I see they have gel pads and am tempted to purchase them but the pads with them are so very nice I do not see the need even though I like gels".

One reason I was particularly motivated to purchase these is because they had the lifetime warranty. Although I have yet to utilize a warranty, the fact they offer one speaks volumes to me on their construction and the integrity of ASA.

They kept outside noises out, inside noises clear and the mic made my voice transmit clearly.
All-in-all I was/am pleasantly pleased with my purchase".
—Peter Wolford, Kula, HI

AirClassics HS-1A Headset

What is the difference between STEREO and MONO on my headset?

Why am I only hearing sound from one side of my headset?

Why can't hear sound from my headset?

My headset came with a small rubber O-ring, what is it for?

Does the HS-1A have a high or low impedance microphone?

What does the lifetime warranty cover?

How long is the cable on the HS-1?

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ASA AirClassic HS-1A Best in Industry Lifetime Warranty
and Wear and Tear Replacement Program


ASA AirClassics™ HS-1 Headset (ASA-HS-1A) is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product and is provided solely for the benefit of the initial purchaser of the new headset. ASA will repair or replace at its discretion any manufacturing defect free of charge.

This lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, lost/stolen, abuse, misuse, misapplication, or modifications. The warranty applies to individual users only; the warranty does not apply when the headset is used in a fleet environment or rental capacity.

The term “lifetime” refers to the expected lifetime of the product and parts. A product’s lifetime is a function of how much use it gets and how well it is cared for and not by how old it is.

All warranty claims must be sent back directly to ASA and include the headset in its entirety as well as the Lifetime Warranty and Wear and Tear Replacement Program Claim Form or the required information outlined on the form. ASA is not responsible for shipping or transportation charges from you to ASA.

This warranty and the remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions, whether oral or written, express or implied. ASA specifically disclaims any and all implied warranties, including without limitation WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, ASA is not responsible for direct, or for special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition.

Examples of warrantied issues:

  • Failure of the mic
  • Failure of left or right speaker when switched to mono mode
  • Failure of the mono / stereo switch

Examples of non-warrantied issues:

  • Peeling of the plastic wiring insulator surround the headset chord
  • Torn headpad or earseal
  • Missing screws, washers or nuts

Many of these non-warrantied items can be purchased for a nominal fee from ASA or claimed as part of the wear and tear replacement program, please see description below.


Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use or aging. While ASA uses the very best materials and craftsmanship, normal wear and tear is inevitable and will occur over time as a result of normal use.

ASA offers a unique replacement program as a sole benefit to the original purchaser of the new headset. If at any time during ownership your headset has deteriorated to a level beyond use you may return it to ASA and be provided with a voucher code for the purchase of a new headset for $95 USD (plus shipping and applicable taxes).

In addition, some replacement parts and headset upgrades are available and may be purchased through asa2fly.com if you do not require a full headset replacement. ASA also offers screw sets for your HS-1A headset at no cost; please contact ASA directly to order.


If you wish to submit a lifetime warranty or wear and tear replacement claim you will need to adhere to the following steps.

  1. Complete the Lifetime Warranty and Wear and Tear Replacement Program Claim Form or provide the information required on that form. This information is required for your claim to be processed.
  2. Pack and ship your HS-1A headset. Be sure to include either your claim form or the required information from the claim form inside the package. ASA is not responsible for shipping or transportation charges from you to us. Please remove all aftermarket parts you wish to keep (i.e. gel ear seals). Claims may be sent to:

  3. ASA – Warranty Claim
    7005 132nd Place SE
    Newcastle, WA 98059

  4. For approved lifetime warranty claims, a new or repaired headset will be sent back to you via USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipments or UPS Worldwide for international shipments outside the U.S. or Canada. If an alternative shipping method is required please note this on your claim form. On average you will receive your headset within 7 business days from date of receipt. For approved wear and tear replacement claims you will receive a voucher code for the purchase of a new headset within 5 business days via email.

For additional questions please contact ASA directly. Phone 425-235-1500 Email warranty@asa2fly.com.