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ATC and Inflight Emergencies

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ATC and Inflight Emergencies

by Ted Spitzmiller

This book explores what ATC specialists should know about the piloting environment.

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Written by a flight instructor with over 40 years of experience in collaboration with air traffic control (ATC) specialists, ATC and Inflight Emergencies: What ATC Specialists Should Know About the Piloting Environment provides air traffic controllers with information to help them deal with pilots who are in need of airborne assistance. Previous to the current trend, nearly 30 percent of controllers were pilots. Today that number is less than 10 percent; therefore, there is a real need on the controller's part for more knowledge of the pilot's situation.

Author Ted Spitzmiller includes examples of notable accidents and incidents, with transcribed air-ground communications to highlight how these emergencies were handled. Chapters are dedicated to understanding flight, flight instruments, the engine, electrical systems, weather considerations, pilot physiology, and assist factors. While some of the topics are those normally found in pilot ground school textbooks, these are abridged, supplemented and described in terms more relevant to the air traffic controller.

This 56-page book was designed for use in accredited college-level programs. Includes index; review questions and color illustrations throughout.

Ted Spitzmiller produced this book in its entirety and takes full responsibility for the content.

ISBN 9781631340031

AuthorTed Spitzmiller
Page Count56 pages
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