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A Pilot's Accident Review

  • A Pilot's Accident Review
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A Pilot's Accident Review

by John Lowery

An in-depth look at high-profile accidents that shaped aviation rules and procedures.

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We often learn best by reviewing the mistakes of others. To this end, author John Lowery provides an in-depth analysis of prominent aviation accidents to illustrate the potential dangers during each phase of flight and the psychology behind pilot error. Lowery also demonstrates how a chain of errors—often originating from a pilot’s support team—can precipitate into fatal accidents. An understanding of these factors is key to training to become safer, more effective pilots-in-command.

A Pilot’s Accident Review provides pilots with a study of safety procedures in intense circumstances, and a survey of high-profile incidents designed to build awareness of the most preventable factors in pilot error. Covered are the primary causes of CFIT, as well as the human factors that can precipitate accidents—particularly complacency, over-confidence, and compulsion. Lowery discusses at length the JFK, Jr. and Concorde accidents, and those involving Frank Sinatra's mother, Reba McIntire's band, John Denver and Wiley Post.

John Lowery first soloed at age 16 in a Piper J-3 Cub at Auburn-Opelika Airport (AUO). After 24 years in the Air Force, he’s lived and flown all over the world working as a flight instructor and DPE, earned ATP ratings, and taught at universities and Air Force bases across the country. Now retired in California, he remains active as an aviation writer.

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ISBN 9781619542174

AuthorsJohn Lowery
Date Published2015
Page Count296
Dimensions6 x 9 inches
Weight0.90 lbs

"I just received my copy of the new Accident Review book from ASA. This subject has always intrigued me. It reveals subjects and details that should be in the back of ANY pilot’s mind when preparing for a flight and when approaching ALL questionable circumstances. I have a sizable volume of memories from 3,000+ hours of flying going back to 1964. In my opinion this is one of your best books and I believe every pilot needs to read it. LOTS of GREAT STUFF! "
Rowlett, TX